• The Mod-Tec harness with packs has proven to be the most versatile harness we have ever created. Harness shown with standard packs.
  • Harness shown with standard packs.
  • Harness shown with new upgraded Tear-Away packs.
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  • Our Upgraded Tear-Away packs fold out to a whopping 26.75".
  • Tear-Away packs shown on Woodland Camo Harness.
  • The Mod-Tec harness incorporates MOLLE Webbing
  • Mod-Tec in Red.
  • Mod-Tec in Charcoal Grey.
  • Mod-Tec harness in Hot Pink.
  • Tested and tried in the field, the Mod-Tec is a serious piece of equipment
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Mod-Tec Harness with Packs


About This Item

Wiredog's Mod-Tec Harness is truly a revolution in the working dog harness.  Designed specifically for, and used by a Service Dog organization for the past year, this harness has been tested in the field and has proven to be not only tough but extremely convenient to adapt to any situation. Don't need backpacks? We also sell the Mod-Tec without packs for those that may already have their own MOLLE attachments. You can view it by clicking here.



The Mod-Tec Harness with Packs is a modular vest.  What does that mean?  Basically, the Mod-Tec uses MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) webbing.  This allows the user to add backpacks and other accessories with ease and keeps them from flopping around.  MOLLE is used in the military for its stability and ease to adapt accessories to suit the needs of the soldiers, it works the same way for this vest.  The Mod-Tec is also designed with two girth straps.  This gets rid of the shifting, sliding and discomfort that can happen with other vests, especially when accessories are added.  The Mod-Tec also features 2 D-Rings placed toward the front of the vest.  You can use these for your leash, or for one of our bridge handles.The packs are designed to be the most versatile packs on any vest we offer. There is the Standard Packs option and then there is our Upgraded Tear-Away Packs option.  


Our Standard Packs have been widely used in tactical trauma and first aid scenarios and they measure 7"x8"x3" and are a HUGE 168 cubic inches each. That is a total of 336 cubic inches of carrying room.  You could easily carry medicine, small bottles, plus much more in these large packs. These packs feature MOLLE webbing on the outside as well for additional attachment of accessories.  They can also be easily removed if they are not needed.  

Our Upgraded Tear-Away packs are for those looking for more space and even more versatility. Check out the pictures above for just how much space these packs have. They each measure 7.5x6.5x3.25 (a smaller foot print than the standard packs) and fold out to a whopping 26.75" length. These packs will hold a ton of supplies.  Additionally, you can undo the quick-relase buckle and tear this pack away from the Mod-Tec Harness without undoing any of the MOLLE webbing.


Down the center of the Mod-Tec runs a wide strip of velcro.  This is placed so you can attach patches to the vest and they will be easily seen.  The Mod-Tec comes with one patch of your choice for the center strip and is done in velcro for easy movement.  If you have your own patches as well, they can be attached with velcro to the vest.  There is plenty of room and the options are endless!

We offer the Mod-Tec in a variety of colors and sizes to suit your needs. Vest are made in Ohio, U.S.A. Backpacks are imported.


Important Note: It is illegal to represent your dog as a Service Dog if your dog is indeed not a Service Dog. Wiredog will NEVER knowingly sell to an individual 
committing this fraudulent activity. If you are unsure about what a Service Dog is, please refer to our Service Dog Information page for the definition according 
to the Federal ADA Act.


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  1. These are the best vests around!

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Mar 2017

    We have tried several vests for our Teams at Honor Dogs. But these by far, are the best looking, most versatile, best fitting, and most durable vests we have found. All of our vests will definitely be ordered from wiredog! Thank you for providing such a valuable product!

  2. awesome!

    Posted by Conor on 1st Aug 2014

    I got this vest because of the pockets and the velcro. The pockets are big enough to hold my medical supplies. The other nice thing about the pockets is they are removable and you can either take them entirely off or just put them in a position easy for you with the stainless steel snaps and little holes that keep them in place. Another key point on this vest for me was the velcro. It is nice to have the ease and ability to add or remove patches. The velcro is very sturdy but again the patches aren't sown on and you have the treadmill to patch your vest to you comfort and aren't stuck.

    If you are looking for a versatile vest this is it! It's a bit pricey but well worth the investment!

    Over all 5 stars on this vest! I love it and will stick with this vest Till the end!!

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