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Mesh Saddlebag Harness Vest


About This Item

The Wiredog Mesh Saddlebag Harness Vest is a wildly popular service dog vest. It all starts with a top and bottom layer of extremely high-denier, mesh that is known to be one of the strongest crosslink meshes manufactured in the world.

When personalizing this item, embroidery will be done in BLOCK font by default unless cursive is specified in the order comments section during checkout.

This harness vest boasts exceptional strength along with water resistance. It also happens to be loaded with features:

  • REFLEX reflective piping around the entire harness.
  • Sturdy right-side clip for your ID Badge or tags.
  • 3-Welded D-Rings for the attachment of a lead and other accessory items.
  • TWO Detachable (2) Saddlebags to carry the cargo you need for you and your dog.   
  • Saddlebags are made with genuine YKK brand zippers.
  • Saddlebags sit at an angle over the dog's shoulders for fantastic weight distribution.  They will sit at about a 35 degree angle.  
  • Saddlebag measurements are 4" tall x 7" wide x 2" deep and are great for emergency medical kits, medication, cell phones, keys, folding dog bowls and more!

The vest comes with a 2x4 inch patch of your choice, sewn top and center on the vest for easy visibility. Each Saddlebag is outfitted with a patch as well.   That's 3 patches all together.

Additionally, both the girth strap as well as the chest strap are adjustable for the best fit possible.

This vest is available in many different colors to suit your style! 

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  1. Love it

    Posted by Katjia Rye on 29th Jan 2015

    great vest. light weight fits my Great Dane well. I did add an extra D ring because the configuration was a little wonky
    but love the space to put patches. the pouches are roomy, tough, and sturdy.

  2. This is a quality product.

    Posted by Rich on 25th Dec 2014

    My dog likes it, I like it. The price is reasonable. It looks like it will last awhile. I would recommend this vest to other soldiers.
    Thank you.

  3. Great vest

    Posted by Patricia Dibsie on 8th May 2014

    This is truly a working vest that enables the canine companion to be easily identified as a WORKING dog. People stop and realize this is not a social dog and are less likely to pet -- an important and vital message for the working team. The only regret is that the camo vest material is Army and not MARINE. Many of our candidates are wounded Marines who are helped to live more independent lives . They identify with the Corps and are reticent to have their dogs in army camo. Can you help?

    Wiredog Response:

    Hi Patricia... yes, many veterans will send in their own material from an old uniform, or from a surplus store, and we will make the vests directly from their material - Marines, Navy, Air Force, Army, you name it.

  4. AWESOME Service, Top Quality product - Highly Recomend this Company

    Posted by Phil TURKINGTON on 2nd Nov 2013

    I needed a harness/vest for my Assistance Dog, one that would stand out from any other, on the market out there.
    I did a Google search and WIREDOG was located.
    I liked the look of and practicality of the Mesh Saddlebag Harness Vest - WD-SVD-0168 especially as we live in a hot summer climate here in Oz.
    I placed an order almost straight away, I say that as I was somewhat dubious in ordering again from overseas.
    I live in Australia and I have obtained retail goods from the US of A before now but it is my FIRST time ordering with WIREDOG.
    If any of you out there know, from personal experience, it can be a nightmare in delays and misplaced items once it hits our shores here.
    My last ordering experience (from your neck of the woods) took nearly 8 weeks to arrive at my door. It would have been quicker, (I am certain) to have used the ole Pony Express to get it here sooner.
    I have to say here that Josh, Brandon and all the TEAM have been outstanding.
    From the 'get go' I have felt nothing but 100% confident in allowing WIREDOG to supply me my Assistance accessories.
    Expecting a time frame of maybe 8 weeks, I was 'blown away' when I opened my door at 8am last Tuesday Morning to see a package on the entrance paving bricks.
    After the Bomb Disposal Unit, Police and Emergency Services, Reporters had left feeling disappointed....... :-) :-)) Nah!!!! nothing like that at all happened - got you wondering did I??
    Yep! it was my new Harness/ Vest from WIREDOG - a total delivery time of 5 1/2 days after leaving their facilities to arriving on my doorstep!
    I don't usually place a telephone call outside of Australia, however, I was so impressed I had to call WIREDOG personally and thank Josh and the TEAM for their great product and outstanding service.
    The Harness/ Vest looks great, expertly made, fits well and yes it gets 'the looks' - people certainly notice the difference.
    If you are looking for a great supplier of your requirements! Highly Recommend that you go with WIREDOG.
    Stay blessed!

  5. Tucson's heat can

    Posted by Sandra Pizer on 14th Aug 2013

    Both Nathan and I love the vest. I thought he'd need an adjustment period, but he seemed comfortable with it from the first minute even in Tucson's heat.

  6. awesome service vest!

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Jan 2013

    my service dog loves this! living in Florida can get warm, but this vest does not! highly reflective, easy to wear and attach, perfect!


    Posted by Allison on 30th Dec 2012

    Thank you so so much for being a great company. Our items were shipped the next morning even though we ordered late the night before. Our dogs love their new high quality vests, we think they act better with them on. Beautiful fit on our pointer and pit bull.

  8. Best Mesh Vest

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Dec 2012

    Nice and light weight for dogs with long heavy coats. Downfall is my dog has figured out how to slip it off over her head when she wants it off. Maybe another strap linking the two would prevent this???

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