• This example shows the OUTSIDE color as orange and the INSIDE color as Woodland Camouflage.
  • Vibrant, high-strength, Made in the USA genuine paracord. Guaranteed for life.
  • K9 Kommander in Rose Pink and Black color combo.
  • Shown in Reflective Black and Pink Camouflage color combo.
  • K9 Kommander Color Chart.

K9 Kommander™ Wide Custom Collar


About This Item

Around the offices at Wiredog, we've been anxiously awaiting release day of our new K9 Kommander™ paracord dog collar for months now. For reference, the collar in our first photo uses Orange for the outside color and Woodland Camouflage for the inside color. If you have been looking for a dog collar that is not only unique, but beast strong you're in luck. Here's what makes the K9 Kommander™ Wide Custom so special.

The way we make it:

  • Genuine #550 Paracord (not some imported junk knock-off). Each cord features a break strength of 550 pounds and has a 7-strand core.
  • Handcrafted in the USA. Not only is our cording manufactured in the USA, but we handcraft each and every K9 Kommander™ collar right here in Hartville, Ohio.
  • It's all you. The outside color choice is your's.  The inside color choice is your's. You may even want to order a few different concoctions.

Sizing options:

  • Our Wide Custom is made to order for dogs with neck sizes between 15 inches and 30 inches. Choose your size from the drop down menu after you select your color options. If you have a dog that has a neck size between 10 inches and 18 inches, we offer a thinner collar, our K9 Kommander™ Standard Issue.
  • Keep in mind, the color choices combined with size choice make this collar 100% custom. As such, we are not able to accept returns on this item. Sorry, no exceptions so choose some colors you love.
  • In the options drop down menu just select your colors, select the dog's neck size. Please measure twice to ensure you get an accurate, snug measurement because the collar will be made exactly to the measurement you select with a +/- 0.25" tolerance.

It's going to last a long time:

  • All equipment manufactured by Wiredog features a Lifetime Warranty. The K9 Kommander™ is no different.
  • If our workmanship fails, whether it's on day 1 or on day 4,380 (that's 12 years for those that want to pull out the calculator), it's covered.
  • Really.  We stand behind our stuff. If this collar ever breaks, call us.  

So many uses, it's like the Duct Tape of dog collars:

  • The K9 Kommander™ Wide Custom paracord dog collar can be unwound and used as a piece of survival equipment in an emergency situation.
  • Paracord is used in many applications including military, fire, police, search and rescue and more.
  • If a whole bunch of super strong rope would come in handy, that would be a good time to unwind your collar.
  • Can be used to bundle, tie down, pull and so much more.

 This product is 100% custom made and may not be returned.

The K9 Kommander™ name is the sole property of Wiredog.

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  1. Great collar

    Posted by Susan on 14th Feb 2015

    Not adjustable. The one I purchased is too large so I'll have to return it for a smaller version and buy a new one as he grows.

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