• HyperKewl Dog Cooling coat shown in Blue
  • Blue HyperKewl Dog Cooling vest
  • Hyperkewl Dog Cooling Vest shown in Silver
  • HyperKewl Dog Cooling Jacket shown in Silver
  • Evaporative technology keeps your dog cool.

HyperKewl Cooling Dog Coat


About This Item

Wiredog is pleased to offer the HyperKewl cooling dog coat. Utilizing evaporative cooling technology, this dog jacket will keep your dog comfortable in the heat and is easy to "recharge" when needed. Winner of the 2010 SuperZoo Award for "Best New Dog Product", this cooling jacket is simple, stylish and easy to use.

To begin cooling your dog down, follow this simple 3-step process:

  1. Submerge and soak your dog's HyperKewl coat in water for at least 60 seconds.
  2. Gently squeeze out excess water, still leaving the coat wet.
  3. Let the evaporative cooling do it's work and let your dog enjoy.
It's that easy and it works. Ideal for dryer climates. In humid climates, the vest may remain wet but still be losing effectiveness and may need recharged more often.
Available in Blue or Silver and in sizes XS-XXL
Measurement for coat should be taken from back of dog's neck to the base of the tail. Sizing is as follows:
X-Small up to 8" back length
Small 9"-12" back length
Medium 13"-16" back length
Large 17"-20" back length
X-Large 21"-24" back length
XX-Large 25"-30" back length

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