You Can Get a Grip on Our Service Dog Harnesses


When it comes to service dog harnesses, you want to make sure you have complete control over your dog every minute you are out and about together. While they are well-trained to do their job, having a secure, stable grip on your dog will help you both communicate better. You'll be able to feel subtle movements and won't lose your dog even if either of you are jostled. That's why Wiredog put so much thought into the makeup of the handles on our service dog harnesses. 

We made our handles a little bit bigger than you'll find on other vests so it fills up more of your hand. This can alleviate some of the tiredness your hand might experience by the end of the day. Then we decided to rubberize the handles on our service dog vests. This allows you to get a better grip on your service dog, but the handle remains lightweight. All of this works together to give you a secure and stable hold on your dog in even difficult environments. 

This is just another example of how Wiredog is putting more thought and concern into even the most minute design details. That's what makes our service dog vests the best on the market. Order one of our service dog harnesses for yourself and experience the difference it makes to care about every little detail. We know you'll love it! Place an order for a service dog harness in our online store and we'll ship it to you for free and guarantee the product for life. 

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