Why Your Service Dog Needs the Right Equipment & the Right Trainer


Service dogs can be amazing animal companions that help their humans on the job or around the house to get things done they might not be able to do on their own. When it comes to your dog, both your service dog equipment and the training that they get matter a lot. These are two areas that you don't want to skimp on. Here is why: 

  • Training is the most important part of becoming a service dog. While you can teach your dog to do tricks like sit and stay, and you might even be able to teach them more complicated tasks like how to turn the lights on and off, they training goes beyond simple tricks. A trainer will work with your service dog to ensure they have the right temperament for the job, including patience around small children or not getting anxious in high traffic areas. These aren't something you are likely qualified to evaluate, but a trainer can identify the right service dog temperament and personality for the best results. 
  • Their equipment vitally important to their job. High-quality service dog equipment is good for you and your dog. When you are using a high-quality service dog vest or harness, you'll feel confident about taking your dog out and about. You'll also know that your dog is safe and that your vest isn't going to fall apart the first time your dog wears it. Quality service dog equipment can help save you money, too, because you won't be paying to replace it all the time. 

Make sure you get a qualified, experienced service dog trainer to find the right dog for you instead of relying on your own training abilities. And be sure you purchase high-quality service dog equipment like the items at Wiredog. We'll ship your order for free and guarantee our products for life!

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