Why Your Emotional Support Animal Needs to Wear Service Dog Vests


There is a lot of debate right now about whether or not emotional support animals are legitimate service animals. The short answer is: absolutely. These animals do the very important job of giving their humans the emotional support that they need to participate in society. They might offer security for a veteran experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder, or offer comfort to a child with autism when the world seems to get out of control. These animals deserve recognition for the work that they do, and because of that, they should be wearing service dog vests when you go out. 

Wiredog offers service dog vests, patches, and tags that are perfect for your emotional support animal. By putting your dog into a service dog vest, you'll be showing the world that your dog is on the job and be able to keep those eager to pet your animal away. It's also good for your dog; by putting on a vest everytime they are "on the job," it's a physical signal to your animal that it is time to work. This can help with their training and performance. 

Emotional support animals deserve as much respect as any other service dog out there. That's why Wiredog makes an effort to provide patches and tags for your emotional support animal as well as other service dogs. You'll be able to find everything that you need in our online store, and we ship all Wiredog merchandise for free and guarantee it for life. Place your order for your emotional support animal's service dog vests today.  

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