Why You Should Consider Personalizing Your Service Dog Vests


Wiredog offers personalization on many of our service dog vests. We use high-quality stitching to add your dog's name or other information to the vest, creating something that's really special. Here are three reasons you may want us to personalize your dog's service vest today: 

  • It can help you stay organized. If you have more than one service dog or are a trainer, personalizing the service dog vests can help you know which vest belongs to which dog. You'll stay organized and eliminate the need to be constantly resizing and adjusting your dogs' vests. 
  • Your dog deserves something special. You service dog works hard for you every single day! Embroidering their vest may not mean anything to them, but it shows how much you appreciate all of their hard work. 
  • It could be helpful in an emergency. If you and your service dog become separated, having their name on their vest can help them be identified and reunited with you sooner. 

Our customers love the quality embroidery we do on our service dog vests. Remember, you don't have to embroider a name! Consider adding the name of your training business or even a phone number to your dog's vest. We can personalize it with almost anything, so don't be afraid to ask. 

Shop our selection of Wiredog service dog vests today and find one that you'd like to have personalized. We'll get to work on it right away and ship it to you in no time! Our vests are guaranteed for life and ship for free, so shop now. 

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