Why the Quality of Your Service Dog Harnesses Matters


We know that it's important to save money where you can, but one of the places you don't want to skimp on quality if your service dog harnesses. Fortunately, Wiredog offers high-quality harnesses at fair prices, so you can get the top quality you need without draining your bank account. But why does the quality of your service dog harnesses matter? 

A poorly made harness can be a health and safety concern for your animal. If the harness breaks or snaps while your dog is on the job, it could lead to confusion, which can quickly become panic for both you and your dog. Poorly made harnesses can pose a threat to your animal, too, with small pieces that break off and become a choking hazard to a curious pet. 

High-quality service dog harnesses can actually save you money over time, too. By investing a few more dollars into a well-made harness, you'll have a piece that will serve you and your dog for years to come instead of needing to replace it every few months. You'll appreciate having a trustworthy piece of equipment that serves you and your dog well while you are working together. 

You can find top quality service dog harnesses on our website, where you'll get a lifetime guarantee on each item along with free shipping. We want you to love the Wiredog equipment you purchase, and our guarantee means we're confident that you'll love it and it will stand up to all the demands you and your dog put on it. Order today!

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