Why Small Service Dog Equipment is a Top Seller on Our Site


When you think of a service dog, you probably imagine a breed like the labrador or a Golden Retriever. While it’s true that these large-breed dogs can make excellent service dogs, they certainly aren’t the only breeds out there that can do this big job. Many people are discovering that smaller breeds are better suited for their service dog needs, and that’s making the small-breed service dog equipment on our website gain in popularity. Here are some of the small breeds getting big attention for their capabilities as service dogs:

  • Chihuahua. These little dogs have a big dog confidence, making them great therapy dogs. Their small size makes them easy for those with disabilities to lift and they won’t be too heavy on laps or in beds.
  • Pomeranians. Ideal for older people who need a companion or therapy dog, a Pomeranian won’t need much exercise to stay happy and healthy and they love being close to their humans.
  • French bulldogs. These strong, stout and muscular dogs are great therapy dogs because of their even temperament. Thanks to their strength, they can perform some tasks that a larger dog could as well.

Those aren’t all the small breeds hard at work! Many breeds of small dogs can make excellent service animals. It comes down to the individual animal’s temperament and whether they are well suited to being a therapy dog. A trainer will be able to help you pick out the right small-breed dog for your particular needs.

So what are the benefits of choosing a small breed dog?

  • They are easier to travel with. Whether you are getting on a plane, train, or in the car, a small dog is easier to take with you. They can easily fit into a carry on case.
  • Less expense. Smaller dogs easy less and make require less grooming than their larger counterparts. This can cut down on the cost of keeping a service dog.
  • They are easier to hold in your lap or have in your bed. For those looking for a true companion animal, a small breed dog is easier to have on your lap or in bed with you.

The dog that you choose to be your service dog is a deeply personal decision and one that shouldn’t be based on what’s “normally” chosen. If a small breed dog is better suited to meet your needs, go for it! No matter what breed of dog that you choose, Wiredog will have the service dog equipment that you need. You’ll be able to find service dog vests, harnesses, and other equipment in our online store. Take advantage of all of our amazing items that are guaranteed for life and ship for free for your small breed service dog. You’ll find items that are made to suit the comfort and needs of your small breed service dog that can be customized in your preferred color and even with your dog’s name embroidered right on them. If you have questions about the fit of any Wiredog products for your small service dog, just give us a call. We’ll help you make sure you are getting exactly the service dog equipment that you need!

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