Why Service Dogs and Guard Dogs Aren't the Same Thing


While we sell service dog equipment that can work for both guard dogs and service dogs, that should never be the same animal. Many people think that a service dog can do double duty as a guard dog for their human, but this can actually put both of them in danger. Here are some reasons service dogs should never act as guard dogs: 

  • Service dogs are often working with mobility-impaired humans. They may not be able to properly restrain their pets if they are provoked and could end up injuring themselves attempting to do so. 
  • Service dogs need to be well-behaved in public spaces and should never display aggression towards humans or other animals. Any aggression could result in having the dog and their owner removed from the public space--and could even result in fines.
  • Service dogs need to be able to focus on the tasks they are to perform--not protecting their human. Service dogs have plenty on their plates without adding "guard" to their resume. They are specifically trained to perform special tasks for their humans, and guarding them shouldn't be one of them. 

Of course, some working dogs are trained as guard dogs, particularly military and police dogs. No matter what job your dog needs to perform, though, Wiredog has the service dog equipment you need to keep you dog safe, happy, and ready to work. Check out our online selection today and find the equipment you need. We guarantee all Wiredog products for life and ship them for free!

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