Why Details Matter on Service Dog Vests


There are a lot of service dog vests available on the market. The difference between an okay service dog vest and a great service dog vest often comes down to the finishing details. Elements like these can make all the difference: 

  • Pockets. Having a pocket or two on your service dog vests can give you the storage space you need to keep extras like snacks, water bottles, bowls, and doggy clean-up bags on hand without the need of carrying them yourself. 
  • D-rings. Quality d-rings allow you to quickly hook on a lead or attach and release equipment in an instant. 
  • Velcro strips. Used in conjunction with velcro pouches, you'll be able to tear off the items you need when you need them without worrying about fumbling through your own pack. 
  • Patches. Give people information about your dog at a glance. Warn them not to pet your working dog or let them know they are a service animal. Patches can be sewn on by our team when you order or you can add them yourself after you purchase your service dog vests. 

Wiredog pays close attention to all of these finishing details on our service dog vests because we know they make a huge difference in the usefulness and longevity of our product. We want you to love everything you buy from us, and that's why we back out products with a lifetime guarantee. We pay attention to the details so you can get more done. Place your order for our Wiredog service dog vests today!

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