What You'll Need When Flying With Your Service Dog


You can fly with your service dog. However, it will take more than ensuring you have the right service dog equipment like vests and harnesses to get on the plane. Thanks to the Air Carrier Access Act, which passed in 1986, you are allowed to bring your service animal onto the plane with you with no additional fees. The airline, however, will ask you to provide certain identifying documents and items when flying with your dog: 

  • Registration with a recognized organization (the National Service Animal Registry is strongly recommended) 
  • Photo identification for your animal from a recognized organization
  • An explanation of what your service animal does for you
  • Identifying patches on their service dog equipment, vests, and harness

If you are flying with an emotional support dog, you'll need to get a letter from your psychiatrist (on their letterhead) stating that the animal is necessary for your health during the flight. 

Take the extra step of contacting the airline at least 48 hours in advance of your flight and let them know you'll be traveling with a service animal. This will allow them to make the necessary preparations, including possibly assigning you a seat where you and your animal will have more room. 

Before you fly, be sure you have the service dog equipment you'll need. Wiredog offers patches and harnesses that will clearly identify your animal, as well as leads and portable water bowls that will make your dog more comfortable on the flight. Place an order with us now and we'll work hard to have your items to you before you fly. We even ship them for free!

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