What Makes Our Service Dog Harnesses So Strong?


We're built a reputation as providing the best service dog harnesses available on the market today. Customers love our service dog harnesses not only because they are an attractive option for your service dog, but because they are the strongest harnesses on the market. We start by using top-quality materials, including high-denier poly-coated fabric that is known for its durability as well as its waterproofness. You and your dog will appreciate that this fabric is comfortable to wear and helps keep your dog safe while they are on the job.

We don't stop at the fabric, though. We make sure our service dog harnesses are stitched with strong thread and reinforced on the seams and areas that are more likely to take wear and tear. That prevents your service dog harnesses from experiencing the same kind of rips that cheaper, low-quality vests experience. We finish the whole thing off with high-quality hardware, including d-rings, velcro, and plastic pouches for identification. That means you'll have a harness that holds up as well as gives you the other amenities essential to doing your dog's work.

Your service dog works hard for you, and they deserve the best. Make sure they get it by buying them service dog harnesses from Wiredog. There is a reason our vests and harnesses are guaranteed for life--it's because we know the quality of our product is going to hold up out in the field. Place an order in our online store and we'll ship your new service dog harnesses to you for free! Our harnesses are shipped for free and guaranteed for life--so place an order with us today!

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