Three Great Service Dog Vests for Small Breeds


Small breeds can make excellent service dogs, but when it comes to their service dog vests their needs are going to be slightly different than a large breed dog. Small breeds aren't going to be able to carry or support the weight that a large breed dog can, so you won't need a vest that has multiple pockets. You'll also want a vest that's appropriately sized for your small breed dog so they stay comfortable during a hard day of work. Here are three great options available from Wiredog: 

  • Tiny Mesh Cape Vest $33.99
    This vest has comfortable mesh on the top and colored side panels that you can customize. We use reflective webbing so your dog is visible even in low light. 
  • Premium Tiny Service Dog Vest $29.99
    This vest combines toughness and comfort. The triple-stitched vest holds up to even tough conditions, but is comfortable for your small breed dog to wear and easy to get on and off. 
  • Tiny Service Dog Cape Vest $29.99
    Inspired by traditional service dog vests, this little vest gives them a much-needed update. Reflective webbing, custom color choice, and the patch of your choice are all included. 

These are the only options in our online store for your small breed service dog! Take a look at our selection and find the vests that are right for your small furry friend. Our vests ship for free and are guaranteed for life! We know both you and your dog are going to love our service dog vests so place an order with us today.

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