Therapy Dogs Supporting Children and Adults

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Therapy Dogs United (TDU) is a non-profit organization that supplies assistance to Northwestern Pennsylvania and Western New York areas. These therapy dogs take part in visiting and research programs that will be organized as a group or personal meetings. All visits are made by certified therapy dog groups registered by TDU.

Devoted certified volunteers work closely with medical, academic and social service specialist or with patients to provide restorative and physical treatment. TDU teams make visits to academy’s, homeless centers, teaching centers, rehab centers and they also visit seniors in hospitals or centers. You will also find these therapy dogs visiting hospice care patients which provide a feeling of calm for the patient.

Therapy dogs are even tempered and make wonderful friends giving love to everyone. TDU brings only the best-taught and well-bred dogs to locales at no charge. Dependability and teaching are the back bone of this organization. The outreach programs are tailor made to meet your special needs with the programs growing constantly. TDU supplies emotional and physical assistance so anyone can take advantage of the animal-to-human union. This is not just TDU’s vocation but their promise.

Research has shown that contact with therapy dogs can decrease blood pressure, lessen anxiety, supply physical healing, reduce sadness plus give emotive support. TDU dogs love the human connection provided by individuals.

Some therapy dogs visit schools teaching youngsters about animal care or help relax youngsters at story time. Studies show youngsters find therapy dogs help enhance their reading ability. Therapy dogs work with handicapped and autistic youngsters as well as other disabled individuals. At times hospitals will request therapy dogs to visit the emergency room bringing calmness to patients, MD’s, nurses and team members who work in this stressful environment.

A visit with a therapy dog can lessen the feelings of loneliness and depression. People are more receptive and involved during and after a visit from these dogs. Medical studies and research shows that therapy dogs provide company, self-assurance and well-being as well as medical advantages like reducing stress.

TDU only certifies therapy visiting dogs and animal assistance therapy dogs. The certification does not come under the service or guide dog classification. Therapy dogs do not have the rights, duties or advantages as a Service Dog. A therapy dog registered by TDU is not acknowledged by the American with Disability Act (ADA) therefore they are not granted access to public venues. A TDU therapy dog cannot be described as a Guide, Service, Medical Alert or Mobility Support Dogs.

Therapy Dogs United offers a wonderful service for children and adults by providing dogs that can help them heal no matter whether they need physical or emotional support. This service is free with therapy dogs visiting schools, hospitals, senior centers, hospice centers and many other locations to offer companionship and comfort to individuals.

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