The Service Dog Equipment You Need When It's Time to Hit the Road


A service dog's work can take them to a lot of different places. Depending on their owner's needs or the job they do, your service dog may end up spending hours in the car or on a plane getting to new destinations. Or, they may just be joining you for a family vacation. Wherever life takes your hard-working dog, make sure you have the service dog equipment that they need in order to stay healthy and happy out on the road.

Check out some of the  travel equipment for service dogs available in our online store: 

  • Cargo Cover $39.99
    You love your dog, but you don't want their hair or their muddy paws all over the back of your car. This cargo cover protects the upholstery in your vehicle and can be adjusted to fit a car, SUV or minivan. The anti-slip straps keep the cover in place and it can double as a travel blanket when needed.
  • Flip-Out Portable Dog Waterer $8.99
    Keeping your dog hydrated is always important, but even more so when you are traveling. This easy-to-use waterer is convenient to use anywhere, indoors and outside, and you can fill up the bottle at a sink or water fountain. You can even clip this waterer to your belt when hiking! 
  • K9 Float Coat by Ruff Wear $80.00
    Taking your dog out on the water? Make sure they are protected. This floatation vest is sturdy enough for even rough water, but comfortable to wear when you are just splashing around, too. The vest allows your dog to swim in total comfort for longer durations, too.

There are other items in our travel section that you'll want to check out before your next trip! Order all of the service dog equipment that you need from Wiredog today.

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