The Many Benefits of Service Dogs

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Service dog in blue harnessService dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Actually, there are service dogs for all kinds of illnesses, including blindness, seizure disorders, and more. No matter what they are used for, there are many benefits to having a service dog.

When some people have diseases that are not noticeable to the world, having a service dog allows others to realize that they do have a disability while helping the handler maintain control of their own surroundings.

Having a service dog allows a disabled individual to maintain independence. Some disabled people have been allowed to live by themselves with a service dog who never would have been able to do so otherwise. These dogs are life-changing.

Some service dogs are able to alert their owners when it comes to their disability. Some dogs are able to alert their owner if they are going to have seizures or go into a diabetic coma. This allows them to take their medication and get to a safe place before the problems occurs.

When service dogs can help their owners, they often have more energy. They have more energy because they are not focusing all of their energy on living. Instead, their dog helps them do tasks which are not easy for them.

For psychological disabilities, service dogs can often help stabilize their moods. Having a service dog is often calming for their owners and it relaxes them more. This should not be confused with an emotional support animal, however.

Some service dogs have the ability to call for help with a special phone.

For people who have trouble standing and walking, a service dog is able to help steady and support them. This allows them to move around more, knowing that they can lean on their dog if needed.

For people with stress, dogs are able to help. The service dogs notice the signs of stress and divert their owner's attention back to them with a lick. Often this can be enough to take the person’s mind off of the stressful situation.

People with service dogs are often more comfortable socializing with others. Other people may also come over and strike up a conversation with a disabled person with a service dog.

Having a service dog can help people overall. Often, they have better outlooks on life. Their self esteem is usually higher.

People who have service dogs know that there are lots of benefits. They learn to rely on them for help and do not know what they would do without the dog. They often give them a better quality of life and they are much happier with a service dog. There are so many reasons to have a service dog.

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