Show Your Military Pride with New Patches for Service Dog Vests


Many of the customers who purchase service dog vests from Wiredog have served in the armed forces. Sometimes their service dogs are with them specifically because of injuries, physical and mental, that they sustained in the service. We love giving these customers an opportunity to show their pride in their branch of the service with a high-quality patch on their service dog's vest. Because of this, we have several new patches in our online store that will help our customers show their military pride: 

  • US Navy Round Patch $5.25
    This sew-on patch features the symbol of the US Navy in full-color embroidery.
  • US Army Round Patch
    Another great sew-on patch with the insignia of the US Army in full-color embroidery. 
  • POW/MIA Patch
    Sew-on patch that shows your support for POW and MIA servicemen and women. Show that you'll never forget. 

Due to the popularity of these patches, we have been running low--but keep checking back with us so you can order when we restock! While these patches are available to order individually in our online store, you can also add them to your service dog vests orders and we'll sew them on for you. That way you get a service dog vest delivered to your door that's customized for you and ready for your service dog to wear. 

Check out all of our patches and vests in our online store today. Place an order for your Wiredog service dog vests and military patches and we'll ship them to you for free. 

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