Service Dog Vests Perfect for Training Professionals


If you train service dogs, you know how that your service dogs come in every shape and size possible. That used to mean keeping service dog vests around for every shape and size of dog, but Wiredog is eliminating that expensive problem. We offer the  Quick Ship Vest with Info Cards, available in three different colors, for just $29.99. This is the ideal vest for service dog trainers! 

  • Fits dogs from 8 to 115 lbs, so you have a vest on hand to fit nearly any size of dog. You'll appreciate the versatility as well as the money savings. You can now reuse these vests with new dogs coming into your training program instead of constantly purchasing new vests to fit each new dog. 
  • Comes with white service dog patches sewn on. These patches identify your dog as a service dog, so people are aware that they are in training. Velcro patches make it easy to add patches to provide more information at a quick glance. 
  • Has a pocket for informational or business cards. We include five informational cards with this vest, and these are a great way to spread information about service dogs to businesses and individuals. This pocket is also the perfect size for your business cards, so you can hand them out to interested parties that you meet during your training exercises 

You can place an order for the Quick Ship Vest with Info Cards right in our online store. Stock up on these service dog vests and you'll always have the vest you need for the dogs in your training program!

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