Service Dog Equipment Doesn't Have to Be All Work and No Play


The life of a service dog shouldn't be all work! Play time is vital to the health and happiness of your service dog. It gives them an opportunity to relax, refresh their mind, and bond with their handler. That's why in our selection of service dog equipment, we carry numerous  toys that can meet the mental and physical needs of your dog. You can count on Wiredog to bring you the very best service dog toys!

Among our selection of service dog toys are bite suit tugs. While these items can be used in training for police and military dogs, they can also be a great break-time toy. Our tugs are made from high-quality nylon and double-stitched to hold up to even the toughest treatment. We also have magnetic tug and ball treat toys, so you don't have to worry about holding onto these items. Our magnetic system gives you the hands-free convenience to work and play with your service dog. 

From working to playing to all the times in between, you can count on Wiredog's selection of items to give you the very best service dog equipment for your dog. Buy from us and enjoy a lifetime guarantee on everything we sell so you never have to worry about spending money on an item that will last a month or two. We know the items you buy need to work for years under tough circumstances, and everything from our harnesses to our toys are up for the challenge. Place an order with us today and get free shipping on your order!

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