Popular Jobs for Service Dogs & Where to Buy the Right Equipment


Giving your dog the best service dog equipment can help them do their best while on the job. But what jobs are service dogs doing? These are the most common jobs of service dogs that shop on our site: 

  • Therapy dogs. These dogs may work with children who are overcoming trauma, or act as companion animals for veterans returning from the front lines. Some psychologists may even use therapy dogs to put their patients at ease during sessions. These service dogs are calm, patient, and unconditional love for the people who need it the most. 
  • Guide and hearing dogs. Used by those who are blind or deaf, these dogs can take the place of the missing sense and work with their human companion to guide them through the world. They might also help out at home with chores, fetching items, or alerting them to visitors. 
  • Seizure alert dogs. These dogs are sensitive to an oncoming seizure, and can alert their owners that they are about to experience one. This gives their human companions time to get into a safe place, reducing injuries and accidents associated with seizures. 
  • Police, fire, and military dogs. These dogs may assist with apprehending humans, tracking people, or sniffing out bombs or illegal drugs. 

No matter what your service dog does when they are on the job, we have the service dog equipment you need. From leashes to vests and harnesses, toys to travel gear and so much more, Wiredog has the high quality equipment you need. Shop with us today and get free shipping on your Wiredog items!

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