Patches and Tags for Your Service Dog Vests


Sometimes service dog vests don't provide enough information about your dog when worn on their own. That's why Wiredog offers a selection of tags and patches for service dog vests. Our selection will inform and educate the public about how they should treat your dog, as well as give information about the job your dog is doing. Here are a few of our top sellers that you might want to add to your order today: 

  • Ask to Pet Patch (2x4") $7.99
    Simply black and white patch that reminds people to ask before they pet your service dog. Patch can be easily added to a vest or harness. 
  • Clip-On ID Carrier $6.99
    Information about you and your dog which can be especially useful in emergency situations. Easy clip can attach to a variety of harnesses, leashes, collars, bags and more.
  • Dog at Work Engraved Tag $5.99
    Bright yellow tag warns off would-be admirers when your dog is on the job. The bright color is hard to miss and the tag can be added to a collar or harness. 

There are dozens of other options on our website, so take a minute and check out everything we have to offer to you and your service dog. Remember that many of our patches can be added to your service dog vests when you order them together, so let us know and we'll get your patches sewn on for you. Give the Wiredog team a call or place your order online today!

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