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K9s For Warriors real life training

When I first had the pleasure of speaking with the lead trainer at K9s for Warriors, I had no idea the relationship between Wiredog and this organization would be as long lasting and as deep and meaningful as it has been. That was around five years ago.

When you are manufacturing gear and trying to maintain quality standards and raw supply inventory levels, it is easy to have the purpose of your work take a step back into the shadows of the day-to-day. That doesn't mean we lose our heartfelt passion, it just means we're human; busy humans. There are those people and stories that do well in continually grounding you and serving as a reminder that it is about so much more than that day-to-day task list.

K9s For Warriors and their lead trainer, Brett, are such a people. We have been manufacturing custom dog gear for our friends at KFW for years now and have had numerous conversations with Brett.  He is busy too, but it has been a pretty rare occasion when the phone has been hung up without hearing of, yet another, life changed.

K9s For Warriors is irrevocably dedicated to serving the brave men and women that have served us and have sacrificed even more than most veterans. Many of these fine servicemen and servicewomen have sustained serious physical trauma or psychological injuries. Remember, you can't see all disabilities that plague an individual.

This organization places service dogs with men and women and have one of the most professionally organized programs in the world. Soldiers stay on site to get to know their dog as well as receive training themselves. Brett insists on hours of real-life training in real-life situations. This sort of gritty training, in my opinion, is what makes all the difference in the success rate and the type of program found at their facility versus so many others around the United States.

Their vest of choice (which was developed between us and Brett at his request) has been the Mod-Tec Harness,  found here. If you have never heard of this great organization, I encourage you to check them out right now and also to follow them on Facebook. Consider a donation to help further the cause.  Training and placing a service animal is not cheap and when you do it as well as these folks do, costs rise even further.

Hats off to all of you at K9s For Warriors.  We, at Wiredog, are proud to work with you and, more importantly, proud to know you and your friendship. God bless you, your endeavors and our men and women in uniform.

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