One Important Item for Your Service Dog Vests


When you are shopping for service dog vests, there will be a lot of things you’ll look for when making that purchase such as quality, good price, and a guarantee. You’ll get all of those from Wiredog, but we feel that our service dog vests aren’t complete unless you purchase one important item: a good lead.

A good lead or leash gives you an opportunity to do more with a dog who is wearing a service dog vest. Of course, your needs will depend on the kind of work that your dog is doing. For some jobs, you’ll want to have your hands as close to your dog as possible, and using a vest like the Classic Harness Vest ($47.99) gives you that option. But this vest comes with D rings for a reason; you can also clip on a strong lead like the Nylon K-9 Agitation Lead ($15.99) and do additional training, take a break from work, or even allow your dog to do work that takes them beyond the reach of your arms.

Thankfully, you can find both service dog vests and leads right in our online store. They’ll both offer the high quality and affordable pricing you’ve come to expect from Wiredog, and we offer free shipping everyday on hundreds of items in our online store. Choose your service dog vest today and make sure you complete your order with a corresponding high-quality lead. You’ll be glad that you and your dog have the total package!

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