How to Size for a Service Dog Vest

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When you are ready to measure your dog's girth, you should measure with a soft tape measure. We recommend you do not use a metal tape measure as it will not form around your dog's body like a soft measuring tape will. One trick, if you do not have access to a soft tape measure, is to use your dog's leash and a pencil.  You can wrap the leash around, mark the point with a pencil and then measure with a metal tape measure. All measurements should be taken in inches.

Also, be sure that your measurement is snug to tight.  Do not measure in a loose fashion or your dog's vest is sure to slide around and move from side to side. Think of it like a horse saddle - the vest must be tight to perform its given function.

Remember all measurements should be taken in inches.


Step 1: Begin in the middle of your dog's spine on the top of the back between the shoulder blades.

Step 2: Go down the right side, underneath the widest point of the chest and up the left side back to where you began.

Step 3: Write down the measurement.

Step 4: Repeat steps 1 through 3 to ensure you have an accurate measurement.

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