How to Keep Your Service Dog Safe During the Holidays


Most service dogs have been well socialized and don’t mind a crowded, busy, or loud environment. It’s one of the skills that most dogs will need to pass in order to become a service dog. But even the best service dog can become a little shy or nervous during the holiday season, especially a younger dog. There are a lot of new things being introduced to their environment during the holiday season, and our service dog equipment supply store has tips on helping your animal deal with the holiday hubbub:

  • Make sure your holiday decorations are pet-friendly. That means no tinsel on the tree and no poinsettias on the floors. Both of these items can be attractive to pets and pose serious health risks if ingested.
  • Give your dog their own quiet space. If your service animal is used to being in a kennel, make sure they have access to it when they aren’t on-the-job. Make it clear to guests that they are not to disturb your dog when they are in their kennel.
  • Give your service dog a little extra love. Helping your dog feel secure no matter what changes are happening around them will help them do a better job for you, too. Show them a little love by giving them a special treat or purchasing new service dog equipment for them.

Creating a safe environment for your service dog during the holidays ensures that you’ll both enjoy this special time of year even more. Get more tips and buy your service dog equipment at Wiredog today!

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