How Service Dogs are Trained


A properly trained service dog is a wonderful thing! These dogs should be able to handle most situations with a calm manner and instantly obey commands given. The training that a service dog goes through will depend in part on the kind of service they will be offering to their human companions. Trainers use various service dog equipment, training aids, and rigorous training schedules to ensure the animal they train are ready to head out into the world and get to work. 

While there is go governing agency for service dogs, there are many well-respected training organizations that set minimum standards for the dogs in their programs. One organization, the  Internation Association of Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP), requires that the dogs in their program complete at least 120 hours of training, 30 of which needs to be in outings in public places. Their dogs must learn basic commands such as sit, stay, and heel as well as display proper manners when in public places. Dogs should never display aggressive behaviors towards humans, other dogs, or other animals, and they shouldn't ask for food or to be petted while on the job. 

To ensure service dogs are ready for their human companions, many trainers use the  Public Access Test from Assistance Dogs International. This test can help determine if a dog is ready to work in public areas. It will look at how the dog behaves during load-out from a vehicle, entering a public building, obeying commands, how it reacts to noises, and the relationship between the team among other factors. While passing this test doesn't mean you are certified by Assistance Dogs International, it's a great place to start in deciding how well your service dog is trained and identifying weak points in their training that needs to be developed.

Training a service dog usually takes around six months of dedicated training, but the benefits they bring to their owners can last a lifetime. All the training is worth it when these animals get to go to work helping to make their companions lives healthier, happier, and safer. If you are interested in learning about how to train a service dog, check out any local organizations and see how you can help. You can also check out our  Partner Page and see some of our favorite service dog training organizations. These organizations are doing incredible work, and even if you can't take time to train a service dog yourself, donations to their organizations or simply spreading the word about the work that they do will be much appreciated.

A great service dog deserves great service dog equipment, too. If you are training a service dog, be sure that your service dog has everything they need before they head off to their new home. Stop by our online store and pick up some necessities for your service dog's new life, such as service dog harnesses, portable water bowls, toys, and more. Just like their training, our service dog equipment will last a lifetime. Place an order and we'll ship your Wiredog gear for free!

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