How Service Dog Equipment Can Help Dog and Owner Stay Safe at Halloween


Halloween is just around the corner! It's an exciting night to dress up and pretend to be something you are not--and score some free candy in the meantime. Unfortunately, Halloween can also be a dangerous night for both people and pets, so if you plan on taking your service dog out with you be sure you are taking safety precautions. Our service dog equipment can help! We're helping to keep you safe with features like: 

  • REFLEX webbing that reflects light in even dimly lit spaces. This makes your dog easy to identify and see even on spooky Halloween nights. 
  • Molded, lightweight rubberized handles. The handles on our service dog vests are made to give you a strong grip on your dog without tiring your hands. 
  • Quality construction of unrivaled strength. You don't need to worry about your Wiredog service dog equipment wearing out or failing on your during the big night. Our items come with a lifetime guarantee because we're confident in their ability to stand up to any situation. 

Make sure that you and your service dog follow safety guidelines closely on Halloween. Remember that your dog shouldn't have any of the candy that you collect during the evening. You might be tempted, but candies can make your dog very ill and some candies could even cause serious medical issues. Stick with their regular dog treats and they'll be happy enough and you'll both be able to enjoy the night without worry. 

Be sure to place your order now so you can have it in time for Halloween! We'll ship your Wiredog items to you for free.

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