Great Service Dog Harnesses for Medical Alert Dogs


Medical alert dogs can be trained to help in all sorts of medical situations. Some of the most common work they do is sense an oncoming seizure and alert their human to get to a safe place. Often these service dogs will need to carry supplies and medication with them for their humans to use if needed. Having service dog harnesses that provide storage solutions can be especially helpful for medical alert dogs, and one that we highly recommend is the  Mesh Saddlebag Harness Vest ($64.99). 

This harness comes with two roomy and removable saddlebags. The bags are worn at the top of the dog's shoulders, making the weight of the bags easier to bear for the dog. The bags offer enough space to pack emergency medical kids, medication, cell phones, and more so items are easy to reach when needed. These service dog harnesses also have a sturdy d-ring to quickly attach a leash when out on the town. It's made with the same high-quality materials you've come to expect from Wiredog, along with a lifetime warranty. 

This harness comes in over a dozen color options including two camouflage choices. Four sizes and a multitude of patch options allow you to customize the harness so it's perfect for you and your medical alert dog. We can even embroider your dog's name on the harness or add patches to the saddlebags for further customization. Visit the product's page and choose your options to place an order for this great service dog harness today. 

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