Great Service Dog Equipment to Give for the Holidays


If you know someone who has a service dog, you know that their animal means the world to them. Show them how much you appreciate their service dog by remembering them this holiday season with a special gift. Wiredog offers a variety of service dog equipment that makes a great holiday gift to the dog and their owner. Check out some of our suggestions:

  • Best Buds Personalized Dog Frame $19.99
    This frame shows them you understand the deep bond they have with their service dog! Personalized with their names, the frame comes in three different sizes so you can get the one that you need to hold a favorite photo of the best buds. Just let us know what names to add and we'll take care of the rest!
  • Patches for Service Dog Harnesses
    We offer a variety of patches and tags that alert the public that their service dog is on the job. A service dog owner will be thrilled with these gifts because it can help them give people information about their dog without needing to speak to everyone. We offer patches and tags for emotional support dogs, seizure alert dogs, and many more so you can find the patches or tags that they need for their service dog vests and harnesses. 
  • Flip Out Portable Dog Waterer $8.99
    This is must-have service dog equipment for a dog that's on-the-go a lot. Simply fill up the water bottle and give it a gentle squeeze to release water into the drinking area. Dogs will love have access to clean, fresh water and owners will love that the bottle prevents leaks and gives them a clean way to give their dog a drink. 

There are so many other great pieces of service dog equipment and gift items in our online store that you are sure to find something that both dog and owner will love. All Wiredog brand items come with a lifetime guarantee and ship for free. Shop with us today!

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