Check Out Our Mesh Saddlebag Service Dog Harnesses


Some working dogs need to focus on their ability to squeeze into tight places and move agilely through difficult terrain. Other service dogs need to bring some equipment with them, either for their trainers or for a job they need to do. If you are working with a service dog who need to carry supplies or equipment on them, you need to check out our  mesh saddlebag service dog harnesses. These harnesses offer comfort and storage for your service dog. 

We start with two layers of some of the strongest mesh in the world, made to keep your dog cool even when working in hot, tough conditions. Then we add two detachable saddlebags. These saddlebags sit near the bottom of your dog's shoulders, so they won't inhibit their movement or cause your dog to overheat. Because they are removable, you'll be able to detach them when they aren't in use or throw them in the wash when they get dirty. 

All of the elements on these service dog harnesses are made from the finest quality materials, from the D-ring for your lead to the thread used to personalize the vest with your dog's name. We include a 2" by 4" patch which can choose when you order. You'll also get to choose from over a dozen color options so you really get to personalize an amazing vest for your hard-working dog. 

Place an order for the mesh saddlebag service dog harness today. We'll guarantee it for life and ship it to you for free!

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