3 Reasons Your Dog Should Be Wearing Their Service Dog Vests


There are no rules governing whether or not your dog must wear their service dog vests when out and about. Because of this, some people may get lax about making their dog wear their vest on a daily basis while they are on the job. Service dog vests play an important role in your dog's life, though, and there are many reasons you may want to reconsider leaving the house without one: 

  • It's a signal to other people. Service dogs shouldn't interact with other people when they are working. However, without a vest, it's difficult for people to know that your dog is working and shouldn't be pet right now. The vest signals them to leave your animal alone and let them do their job. 
  • It can convey a lot of information. Patches and signage on your dog's service dog vests give people information about your animal so you aren't asked a million questions everywhere you go. A simple service dog patch along with an Army patch can give people a lot of information that you might not want to otherwise speak about. 
  • It's a matter of safety. A vest gives you more control over your service dog. It also alerts emergency personnel about the role of your dog so in case of emergency you are less likely to be separated. 

Be sure you have more than one service dog vest on hand for your dog, so if one rips or gets dirty you won't be without a vest to wear. You can order your service dog vests from our online store and take advantage of our lifetime warranties and free shipping. 

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